Addictions Rehab Programs

Total Rehab Services is proud to offer a revolutionary and comprehensive psycho-physiological approach to the treatment of addictions and compulsive disorders. Many health care providers agree that a natural and holistic approach (mind/body) to the treatment of addictions can bring about significant changes in the patient’s addictive symptomatology. Research has shown that an integrated holistic approach is at the core of the successful resolution of this disorder. By focusing on readjusting mental and physical imbalances using alternative medical modalities such as: acupuncture, binaural beats, vitamin/minerals and amino acid therapy, nutritional counseling, homeopathic, herbal therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, all under one rehabilitation program, can bring about long lasting changes towards a drug-free life style.

We conduct biopsychosocial assessment and evaluations to determine drug dependency levels and personality addictive tendencies. In addition, we perform drug screenings for DUI’s cases, court referrals, or for employees who were caught with “a dirty urine”. We specialized in the treatment of chronically addicted and dual diagnosed patients.

Since 1992, our outpatient substance abuse program has been licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Total Rehab Services’ professional staff is State licensed, certified, bilingual and with an extensive experience in the field of addictions rehabilitation.

About our addictions treatment program and policies

Our treatment intervention encompasses all eight addictions: alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, sex, pornography, work, internet.

Our clinical intervention lasts 3 to 8 months depending on the patient’s level of addiction and program purchased. Therapy sessions are conducted three times a week, until patient is stabilized; usually first 12 weeks, then treatment is given twice a week for the remaining of the program. Sessions are usually one to one and half hours in length depending on the type of therapy given. Psychotherapy sessions include individual, couples, and/or family therapy (family involvement is required). Rehabilitation treatment sessions include acupuncture, homeopathic detoxification, herbal therapies, and nutritional counseling.

Total Rehab Services, Inc. has a “Zero Tolerance” policy. We do randomized urine/saliva tests throughout the program. One positive result from the urine/saliva tests constitutes enough grounds for an immediate termination from the program. Urine test and/or saliva samples are mandatory.

The following is the complete list of clinical interventions rendered in our programs:

  • Orientation on Causes of Chemical Dependence and Brain Chemical Changes
  • Acupuncture Treatment
  • Homeopathic Detoxification and Cleansing Therapy
  • Parasites Therapy
  • Chinese Herbal Therapy
  • Amino Acids and Minerals Therapy
  • Massage and Hydrotherapy
  • Brainwave Synchronization ( Entrainment )
  • Biofeedback Treatment and Hemi-Sync Technology Application
  • Stress Management, Relaxation Programs, and Behavior Therapy Treatment
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and/or Vocational Counseling
  • Marriage and/or Family Therapy

Our program has a track record of 80% success among our graduates.


How to get started?

Call our office to arrange for an appointment at 305-644-7294 or secure it via the Internet by contacting us at our e-mail address: