Weight Control Program

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the USA. Sixty one percent (61%) of American adults recognize they need to loose weight. (The Calorie Council, 2001). More than half of the 51 million women ages 20 or older are overweight (Natural Foods Merchandiser, 2001). Nearly 300,000 deaths are attributed to obesity each year in the US. (Center For Disease Control, 2002). Forty seven percent (47%) of Americans are trying to control their weight at any given time (Calorie Control Council, 2002). The prevalence of obesity has nearly tripled in the US teenagers in the past 20 years (New England Journal of Medicine, 2002).

Due to these frightening statistics and reality, Total Rehab Services, Inc. has been sensitive to the need of developing a comprehensive rehabilitation program geared towards those individuals who do not or simply cannot keep their weight off for more than a year. Our program is based on the principles of sound nutrition, a balanced bioenergetics, a clearly identified self-image, and a strong self-esteem. Our years of experience have taught us that weight related problems are multi-factorial and not only associated with food alone or diet and life style, but to organic and psychological factors that play a strong role in the development of this “addiction”— the food addiction.

We aid the process of weight reduction with acupuncture (ear and body) with our herbal and homeopathic supplementation which does not contain toxic elements such as Ephedra, which has being found to cause palpitations, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness, trembling, irritability, insomnia, and possibly death. Our herbal and homeopathic treatment plan targets the following objectives: Increase thermogenesis ( fat burning ), suppress excessive appetite, enhance fluid elimination, reduce cellulite appearance, improve metabolism and immune system functions, as well as, decrease irritability and mood swings, decrease high stress levels, increase stamina and energy output, and focus on specific targeted reduction of abdominal weight.

We do not believe that dietary restrictions alone are the answer to a complex problem like weight reduction. Following this philosophy, we emphasized the development of individualized and holistic levels of care that meet the medical and mental health needs of our patients in this program.

Our clinical approach is based primarily on the principle of mind and body connection. Total Rehab Service's main clinical objective is to render goal-oriented, holistic, non-invasive and non-toxic natural medical rehabilitation services by combining proven successful conventional therapeutic modalities with the latest advances in alternative medicine.

Our program consists of the following protocols:

  • Acupuncture (body and ears) treatments
  • Body detoxification and organ cleansing
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Nutritional counseling, body type assessment, amenable foods selection
  • Homeopathic and herbal therapy (Ephedra Alkaloids free)
  • Hypnotherapy treatment
  • Physical exercise program
  • Breathing exercise program
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation training