Helping to maximize human potential by restoring health the natural way utilizing results-based methods and the highest quality of alternative medical care.

Our main treatment philosophy has been the balanced integration, via our clinical protocols, of your mind and body by conjugating the innate and hidden healing powers within you.  We strongly believe that a complete and long lasting healing can only take place when the bioenergetic, mental, and physical elements of the individual human being are equally balanced.  In addition, all our psychological and medical interventions are primarily focused on rendering result-oriented, holistic, non-invasive, non-toxic, and non-suppressive therapies

Pain Control Programs

What sets Total Rehab Services, Inc.'s pain rehabilitation program apart from the rest of existing pain management programs is the package treatment concept as a standard service protocol, as opposed to the combination of electrical stimulation, heating pads and/or nerve blocks normally used for the treatment of painful conditions used in the standard medical protocols.

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