We, at Total Rehab Services, are fully aware of the current escalating cost of medical care in our country and the impact of this situation in terms of medical availability and coverage. We believe that one efficient and cost effective way to provide medical or psychological services is by allowing the patient to pick-and- choose the type and length of coverage the person can afford in a package form. Therefore, in order to facilitate an easy access to our medical and rehabilitative services in a cost-efficient way, Total Rehab Services has created three types of health plan “packages” options that will suit your budget and length of coverage.

We have called these plans Health Plus Plans and they are:

NOTE:  All three Health Plus Programs completion will depend upon the length of time specified for each plan or total number of sessions in each plan which ever comes first.

Discounted (20%) plans are available for children under the age of 12 and for the elderly 65 and up. Payment plans are available for all plans. We will require 50% down and the remaining balance in monthly installments.  The number of months scheduled for payment will depend on the plan chosen by the patient.

In addition, Visa / MasterCard / Discovery / American Express are accepted.  Because of the continue changes in the cost of our remedies and medical supplies due fuel cost fluctuation, we cannot provide here in our website a specific list of prices for our health plans. 

We now offer affordable financing.


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Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse

For those individual who are only seeking psychological intervention for their substance abuse or addiction problem and who do not wish to participate in a treatment program per say, we offer single individual psychotherapy sessions.

Therapy sessions will focus on reduction of impulsive behaviors, stress reduction, anger management, communication skills, self-esteem building, addictive-substance effects on brain physiology education, personality and character building, proper verbal expression of feelings and emotions, social skills improvement, and goal setting

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