Pain Control Treatment Program

Program Coverage: This program can be suitable for the following type of medical situations: Work accidents, trauma, sports injuries, post-surgery, specific medical condition (i.e. cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), or injuries as a result of an automobile accident.
Treatment Coverage by Insurance: This program can be covered by insurance when previously approved by insurance adjuster in the case of worker’s comp, or when specifically prescribed by your treating physician and your health plan covers pain management services. 
Treatment Length: 52 intensive treatment sessions or 6 months, which ever comes first.
Treatment Modalities: The following is the list of physical service modalities included in our rehabilitation program:

Physical Examination and Evaluation (IME’s)
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Muscle Strength and Range of Motion measurements
Complete body detoxification (4 acupuncture sessions)
Acupuncture and Electro-acupuncture treatment (16 sessions)
Physical Rehabilitation, Thermal, and Magnetic treatment (20 sessions)
Hydrotherapy and/or deep tissue, Shiatsu massage (6 sessions)
Development of physical exercise program (one session)
Nutritional counseling (2 sessions)
Relaxation training / hypnotherapy (one session)
Homeopathic (oral and/or injectables) and Chinese Herbal Therapy  


Individual Psychotherapy and EAP

Total Rehab Services offers a comprehensive array of mental health services ranging from adult individual, pediatric to elderly psychotherapy.  We specialize in mood disorders, generalized anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating, drug addictions treatment.  For those individual who do not wish to participate in our full outpatient substance abuse treatment program, we offer specialized psychotherapy treatment alternatives for addiction disorders. We also provide psychotherapy services for individuals with dual diagnoses.

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