I have received treatment from Dr. Herman Vega from time to time through out my life. The one time that has truly impacted my life on many levels would be the most recent treatment.

I am a college student at Florida International University, I was living the college party life for about two years before I called Dr. Vega. First year of college was liberating, although it was not much about drinking and partying, there was a loosening on my health, mental, spiritual and physical. Around my last semester of my second year I began to look within, to analyze who I was and who I wanted to be.

I tried to remember a time when I was happy, full of confidence, not as sick, and generally healthy. The only time I remembered i was any of those was when I had a Detox treatment with Dr. Vega. I decided to call Dr. Vega and I set up an appointment. Dr. Vega was clear and direct, he noticed my symptoms of stress, lack of nutrition, and general off balance. He explained to me the cost, the benefits, side effects, the expected results and everything in between with the upmost clarity on every detail. He quickly set up the necessary instruments, medicine and scheduled the follow up treatment dates. I followed through my diet plan, and my scheduled dosages as said on a clearly typed plan. After a few months of homeopathic medicine, acupuncture treatments, Meridian boosting, VEGA testing, and many more alternative treatments I could feel the change.

I began with weighting in at about 210 lbs, barely sleeping, not drinking the sufficient water nor eating the sufficient required foods. Now I am a strict vegan weighing in an average of 190 lbs, sleeping enough to wake up on a good note. My life has changed through the help of this program. I now suffer less from the usual pains and aches, I concentrate better on my studies, have time and the energy to focus on my priorities such as family life, school and friends, and I even picked up some hobbies and trades. Even my eye sight has become a lot better, my skin is more resilient, my slowly receding hair line has stopped and has begun to slowly move forward.

If I wouldn’t have chosen the Detox program I probably be eating chips at 4 am in front of a computer screen wasting time wondering why I am failing my classes. Dr. Vega has changed my life from a slow down hill spiral into an energetic healthy life.

I am no longer what I used to be, that is in the past. I am who the person I want to be a happy, self confident and healthy one.

David T.

Weight Control Program

We aid the process of weight reduction with acupuncture (ear and body) with our herbal and homeopathic supplementation which does not contain toxic elements such as Ephedra, which has being found to cause palpitations, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness, trembling, irritability, insomnia, and possibly death. Our herbal and homeopathic treatment plan targets the following objectives: Increase thermogenesis ( fat burning ), suppress excessive appetite, enhance fluid elimination, reduce cellulite appearance, improve metabolism and immune system functions. As well as, decrease irritability and mood swings, decrease high stress levels, increase stamina and energy output, and focus on specific targeted reduction of abdominal weight.

We do not believe that dietary restrictions alone are the answer to a complex problem like weight reduction. Following this philosophy, we emphasized the development of individualized and holistic levels of care that meet the medical and mental health needs of our patients in this program.

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