I was a 42 year old man at the time who had been strugling with substance abuse since I was 15. By then I had been to inpatient facilities 7 times. Each time it always felt like something was missing, that it was extremely uphill.

My faith in God led me to beleive that something that was not inpatient that actually worked had to exist. So I called the county 800 help line and the rest is history.

Thanks to Dr.Vega and his detox treatment I got clean and sober in an incredible effortless and painless transition to a healthy life. Crystal meth, marihuana and alchol were no match for his incredibely complete psychoterapy and  deep cleansing.

Thanks Dr. Vega!


Weight Control Program

We aid the process of weight reduction with acupuncture (ear and body) with our herbal and homeopathic supplementation which does not contain toxic elements such as Ephedra, which has being found to cause palpitations, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness, trembling, irritability, insomnia, and possibly death. Our herbal and homeopathic treatment plan targets the following objectives: Increase thermogenesis ( fat burning ), suppress excessive appetite, enhance fluid elimination, reduce cellulite appearance, improve metabolism and immune system functions. As well as, decrease irritability and mood swings, decrease high stress levels, increase stamina and energy output, and focus on specific targeted reduction of abdominal weight.

We do not believe that dietary restrictions alone are the answer to a complex problem like weight reduction. Following this philosophy, we emphasized the development of individualized and holistic levels of care that meet the medical and mental health needs of our patients in this program.

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