DUI and DWI Education Programs (court mandates)

TOTAL REHAB SERVICES, Inc. offers a comprehensive counseling program that meets the clinical requirements of most court systems. Different States in the country have different regulations regarding compliance with substance abuse treatment for DUI and DWI offenders. Our counseling program provides the flexibility to adjust its reporting procedures to comply with your judge, parole, probation officer, or correctional officer’s requirements.

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Laboratory Testing

We, conduct blood, hair, urine, and saliva tests to determine underlying medical conditions. For the biochemistry saliva tests, we use Diagnos-Techs, Inc (DTI) lab. For drug testing, we use the “Rapid On-Site Drug Detection” kit from Redwood Toxicology Laboratory.

We offered two types of drug testing: The 2 panels test, consisting of two substances to be tested: cocaine (COC) and marihuana (THC) and 5 panel test, consisting of five substance to be tested: amphetamines (AMP), cocaine (COC), opiates (OPI), PCP, and marihuana (THC).

Both of the above-mentioned tests are Redi-Screen branded. For blood chemistry, we use Lab Corp and for the hair analysis tests, Doctor’s Data, Inc.

We conduct the following tests:

      Food Allergies

    Heavy Metals

      Food Sensitivities Hormonal Levels
      Drug Testing Stress Levels
      Hair Analysis Saliva